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More work from the the bulb world!!!!   There are endless things i can do with these lil buggers!! :)…hah   …. love plants and couldn’t help but incorporate them into my work!! Even in the snowy winter months!! 🙂     Makes me feel warm and happy having my mini green houses!!!! 🙂


So here i am again.. creating more of these silly lil’ bulbs … can’t help it … all of my tiny little things have to have a little home … one with the best view… one BIG window …

If i had a choice of houses  it would be the same …one Big window …  a GREENHOUSE !!! ooo my  fave !! But anyway thats off the swirling path i was getting to in the first

place ..hehe….  so here are a couple more kookoo things from my lil blond head !! 🙂

A Peek into Weeping Willow


Hey there !!!!

Well, this will be my very first attempt at blogging so please bare with me threw this !!! 🙂   if you have any thoughts or sugestions for me  i would love to hear them!! …here it is….  my handmade jewelry and other, silly, things i make ..out there for all to enjoy !!  And of course to make a lil green .. you know .. who isnt all for that!!

I have been creating jewelry and art for as long as i can remember!! Always have had the craziest of ideas pop into my head … if i could i would weld all the washers, screws, bolts, toilets, sinks and car parts together if i knew it would come out looking like a Leonardo da vinci sculpture/painting…. hey that might be my next piece  Looking at my pendants you probably wouldn’t think that about me because of there intricate and  delicate design.. but yup this northern tomboy lil girl went domestic ..hah

So here are a few pics of what i do… please feel free to let me know what you think!!  Thanks for taking a peek !!! 🙂

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